Winter in Hilton Head

The off-season is a great time to get away from it all and escape to Hilton Head Island! There are fewer people, less stress and milder temperatures than in peak season, not to mention off season vacation deals that mean better prices for your vacation!

Why to Visit and the Best Things to do in the Off Season

Why to Visit and the Best Things to do in the Off Season

Hilton Head Island in the winter is a charming beach retreat that will cure your winter blues. We want you to come on down and enjoy the mild weather, uncrowded beaches, Carolina sunshine and great activities that make Winter a wonderful time of year to visit Hilton Head Island.
Our island has a charm unlike no other, and with less crowds in the winter, it is extremely rejuvenating. These are just a few of the amazing reasons to visit our captivating island:
• Surrounded by the ocean and waterways for activities & viewing nature at it`s finest
• Beautiful scenery and gorgeous views all around
• Lots of outdoor activities that are unique & special to the Lowcountry; Kayaking, Biking, Fishing, Gullah History Tours, Wine Tasting, Golf and Tennis, to name just a few
• Great shopping all over the area with off season pricing
• Rental prices can`t be beat! Almost 1/2 the cost of summer with lots of accommodations choices
• Amazing restaurants and cafes, almost never any wait lines
So, if you’re in the mood for a trip to beat the winter blues, here are some of the top things to do to get the most out of your trip!

With so many breathtaking walking trails, you can’t resist starting off the day with morning walks under the trees. Mossy oak trees provided a shadowy cover and the sunlight filtering through the branches and is extremely calming. Be in on the action at Harbourtown in Sea Pines, just a bike ride or short drive away. The allure of the mossy oaks, natural scenery, wildlife, and the Harbourtown lighthouse are too much to pass up! There are small shops, places to eat, and beautiful seaside scenery. Go up into the lighthouse and get a beautiful view of the bay.

End your day basking in the moonlight on the beach or from the deck of your vacation home. Recount the days beauty with a cup of hot tea or glass of wine while you ponder what tomorrow has in store for you on our magical island.